Legendary Mug Collection - Creation Turtle

Our legendary collection of coffee mugs are made by Pendleton. The same First Nations inspired designs are featured on their sprawling woolen blankets. Pouring your morning cup of tea or coffee into these mugs is a great way to start the day. They make for great gifts that are sure to please.

This "Creation Turtle" design is an homage to the Iroquois creation story that tells of Skywoman falling from Sky World when the Earth was still only water. The birds brought her safely down to rest on the turtle's back, which is where she planted a root from Sky World. As the vegetation grew, so did the turtle, which after time became North America.

  • Dishwasher / microwave safe mug
  • 18 oz. / 535 ml
  • Come in a gift box

Category: Coffee Mugs, Pendleton

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